Friday, November 20, 2015

Patronize Me

Would you like to be my patron?

I'm telling you Poseidon, I'm about to fall out of this thing
In the past, particularly the Renaissance period, the concept of patronage was a pretty important one.  Instead of government grants and payoffs, the artists, musicians, and craftsmen of the day would receive patronage from a richer, more powerful person.  This usually consisted of a stipend as well as room and board which allowed the creator to create without worrying about food or survival.

Most of the really famous, well-known pieces of the day were the result of this patronage system.  The rich patron would become respected and honored for their fine taste and love of the arts, and the creator got to do what they did best and loved.  It was a good system, although many were notoriously bad with deadlines and even wasteful; guys like Benvenuto Cellini spent most of their time partying and chasing women (and dueling) rather than creating, and had to be kept in line by their patrons.

This system went out of fashion after a while, although men like Andrew Carnegie and others did throw huge amounts of money around to funds and grants that would help people in the 20th century.  Today, most of the patronage comes from the government, but there is another way, now.  The 21st century version of Patronage comes in the form of Crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding allows ordinary, not-so-rich people to become patrons of the arts and science, music and craft, by donating small amounts of cash to worthy people.  They receive some small gifts and recognition for their generosity and see the fruits of their patronage see light of day.

The most direct and obvious crowdfunding platform for this modern patronage is Patreon.  Unlike sites such as Kickstarter, this site is ongoing patronage in the truest historical sense.  Patreon allows you to sponsor someone or some ones who seem worthy in your mind for support as long as they produce works through the months and years.

Does anyone else here feel a draft?
Patreon allows you to continue to donate each month or each new product, as the sponsor desires, instead of a single payment.  Donations as small as a dollar a month are allowed, for the more budget-minded, but if a person can get 50 such supporters, that's not bad.  And certainly there's nothing that stops you from treating this like Kickstarter, with a big donation one month, then nothing or significantly less later on.

I've signed up for Patreon, and while its my first effort so I probably am not the slickest package out there, I certainly can use your support.  Please consider dropping a few bucks my way as the year goes by, and I'll be able to use that funding to build Kestrel Arts to a better company.

The money will go for things like advertising, purchasing physical copies of my books for giveaways and sales in local stores, cover art, and so on.  All of this stuff costs more money than I have to offer, which is holding back sales and exposure to my work.  With your help, I can reach out to more people and spread awareness of my writing and art to more potential customers.

So if you like what you've read, found enjoyment with the gaming products I've written, and want to see more, please do consider being my patron!